Springtime in Vermont

We went skiing in Vermont this week, as it’s a school holiday week (RealPresident’s Day) and the grandkids are off from school.  Since it’s February, it’s usually pretty cold and, more often than not, cloudy and grey.  But not this week.  Today it was bright and sunny, and 60F.  I don’t know the kid in the picture, but he wasn’t the only one dressed like this today.  I went out in three light layers, which was two too many.  But thanks to the abundant snowfall so far this season, the skiing was great, if slushy.  And despite the holiday week, the mountain was pretty empty.  We all came in at the end of the day completely exhausted.  With no lift lines, we had much less recovery time than usual between runs.  Plus it’s a lot of work pushing the slushy snow out of the way as you ski.

Spring skiing

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