Friday, July 20 – Vancouver, BC

We landed an hour early, which is very strange. The schedule was 8:00am departure and 11:30am arrival, which make for a 6 1/2 hour flight after accounting for the fact that we are in Pacific Time here, and three hours behind. Our actual flying time was just over 5 hours, and we spent 20 minutes taxiing at EWR. But I’ll take it.

Pizza gets a haircut, July 2018

Of course, our hotel room wasn’t ready when we got there, we we dropped the bags and went out to explore and get some lunch. I’m not sure where we wound up; we went through what purported to be Chinatown, but didn’t see a single restaurant. So we walked over to the Gaslight district, where we found an pizzeria which did not add garlic to the tomato sauce. Winner! They had an interesting way of serving the individual pies: with a scissor.

The next challenge was getting home, as by this time Sally’s ankle was aching. Taxis in Vancouver are rare on the street, and there are no Uber/Lyft/etc. After failing to flag one down, I tried ordering one online which seemed to be working, but the driver called and said the address he had for us was miles away from us and he wasn’t coming. I finally managed to flag one down, but it took 20 minutes or more until we were inside.

The ride to the hotel was about 10 minutes.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, July 2018

As the hotel had called while we were eating, we knew that the room would be ready when we got there. And it was, with our bags already in the room (1).

After resting for a while, we went downstairs and tried to eat in the hotel bar. But everything interesting was garlic-infested. So we went out to a noisy but pleasant restaurant where we managed to get some good food.

It’s 9:00pm, the sun won’t set for another few minutes, and we’re pretty tired. We were up at 4:30, and it’s after midnight back east. So that’s all for tonight.


(1) We are saving money left and right. Not only did we avoid tipping a bellman to bring the bags up to the room, but our taxi driver from the airport dropped us at the side door and we avoided the doorman as well.

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