Thursday, July 26: A couple of walks

English Camp and Block House, July, 2018

This morning I went for a hike. Nothing on SJI is particularly hilly, but the highest point on the island – Young Hill at 650′ – is conveniently located in a National Historical Park, namely the English Camp area. This was the northern counterpart to the American Camp which I described yesterday, and which is located at the south shore. Where the American Camp is sparse and sandy, the English Camp is wooded and hilly. The UK also invested more money in the camp during the dispute, as they were one of the richest countries in the world at the time, with a thriving settlement in Victoria on Vancouver Island only a few miles away. The Americans, on the other hand, were consumed by the Civil War and never really invested much in their base.

Sitting in an English garden, in the sun, July 2018

The English Commander insisted on a formal garden for the enjoyment of the officers’ wife’s. Of course.

View from Young Hill, July 2018

The climb up to the summit of Young Hill was actually 650′, since I started from sea level. It was a good climb, rewarded with views of SJI, the neighboring islands, and the Olympic Peninsula.

The lower building is our hotel, the upper is a private residence, July 2018

After returning to Roche Harbor, Sally and I had lunch and then walked around the property some more. The marina is beautiful and there were a fair number of yachts for sale in the $1-5m range.

Scenes from the marina, July 2018

Plus all the usual services: a post office, seafood for sale, RIBs waiting to ferry you to your yacht, etc.

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