Tuesday, September 18: Honorary Duckmaster

The last post told you about the Peabody Duck March: a bunch of ducks swim around in a small lobby fountain all day, then the hotel sells a ton of drinks as tourists hang out in the lobby for upwards of an hour before to watch them walk down the red carpet to the elevator.

Yes, the ducks walk down a red carpet and take the elevator to their living quarters on the roof.

We happened to get back to the hotel from our afternoon excursion at exactly the right time, so we bellied up to the rope to watch them walk, I mean March, up close. Little did we know that we were in for a special treat today: there was an Honorary Duckmaster assisting in the ceremony.

Miss Tennessee anointed Honorary Duckmaster, September 2018

Christine Williamson, Miss Tennesse 2018!

Marching ducks, walking Miss Tennessee, September 2018

She successfully helped to herd the ducks down the carpet and into the elevator. We were very excited to be there to witness this historic event!

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