Wednesday, February 13 – When the rain comes

20190213 Havana 2019 _EM2228704-Pano.jpg

El Capitolio, February 2019

We were supposed to take another ride in the convertibles today, but it was drizzling in the morning.  And that turned into a heavy downpour by late afternoon.  But while this interrupted our riding plans, it most definitely didn’t stop us from taking pictures.  We started out as a group, which is a real no-no.  A large group of people carrying big, intimidating cameras is a sure way to scare your subjects.

20190213 Havana 2019 _EM2228737-Edit.jpg

Why are Street photographers looking at the sky?, February 2019

We walked past the capital building (cleverly labeled “CAPITOLIO” so you couldn’t mistake it for anyhing else) to a section of the city where people were hurrying to work and dong their morning shopping.  At this point, we scattered.

20190213 Havana 2019 _EM2228754.jpg

Morning commute, February 2019

Of course, not everyone who commutes walks – sometimes you have to go too far to walk.  Havana has every form of ground transportation you could imagine – walking, bikes, peditaxis, motorbikes, cars, buses, mopeds, etc.  The little yellow things are apparently classified as motorbikes, as the drivers all wear helmets. The passengers don’t.

20190222 Havana 2019 2019-02-13 Collage_Fotor Commuting.jpg

Rainy transportation, February 2019


The rain got harder, which lead me to try and stay under cover somewhat.  But others didn’t always have that choice.  And it was pretty hard on the laundry hung out to dry.

20190222 Havana 2019 2019-02-13 Collage_Fotor Rain.jpg

Caught in the rain, February 2019

That afternoon we had another class, then a bit of free time, then dinner.  After dinner, I went out again to enjoy the night and take some pictures.  When I got back to the hotel, a band was in full swing, killing it with Motown, Tina Turner and other American music covers.

20190222 Havana 2019 2019-02-13 Collage_Fotor Nightlife.jpg

Evening in Havana, February 2019






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