Saturday, February 16 – Cars and the city

Saturday was our last full day in Cuba. So we took pictures around the city and had a class. A big surprise, I know.

20190216 Havana 2019 _EM2222480-Pano

Colorful cityscape in Havana, February 2019

We went over and looked at the University of Havana and the neighborhood surrounding it.  While the University was sort of impressive from the street, we were unable to gain entry to the grounds and so I took a couple of forgettable images.  But here it is anyway.  I have no idea if the interior portion of the campus was also impressive, or vacant, or a ruin.

20190216 Havana 2019 _EM2222559

University of Havana, with photographers, February 2019

What I was able to do was shoot a few more of the classic cars that roam the city.  I know I’ve already shared lots of images of them, but the cars are really something to see.  Also, Sally’s last words to me before my flight took off last week were “I love you.  Get lots of pictures of cars”.

2019-02-16 Collage_Fotor Motion Cars.jpg

City in motion, February 2019

2019-02-16 Collage_Fotor Cars at Rest.jpg

Cars at rest, February 2019

I also got some more images of life in the city.  This cute little girl was playing in an empty playground.

2019-02-16Collage_Fotor City Scene.jpg

More street scenes, February 2019

I’ve mentioned before that the streets are remarkably empty of cars, which makes the pollution levels even more surprising.  Here’s a shot of a main street on this Saturday.

20190216 Havana 2019 _EM2222520

Empty city streets, February 2019

That night we had dinner in a (really) fine restaurant.  Afterwards we went to watch two street performers put on a fire-eating show.  Some of my classmates got great images; I did not.  So I’ll leave you with my mediocre image.

20190216 Havana 2019 _EM2225879

Mediocre fire eater (1), February 2019


(1) The image, not the fire eaters. They were quite good.

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