Friday, August 3: Portlandia

There was no post yesterday, Thursday. All we did was pack up and leave Seattle, and drive to Portland. This marks 42 states (plus DC and PR) that I’ve visited. There was nothing special about the drive; I-5 all the way down. The Sentinal Hotel, where we’re staying, is very eclectic: it’s a moderately sized hotel, with a very friendly and energetic young staff, and a very lively bar scene in the evenings.

Sentinel Hotel, Portland, August 2018

We had dinner with Sally’s niece and nephew last night, in a very Portlandish brew pub. Good food, and good beers.

Today we spent with Sally’s nephew and his wife. They moved here a couple of years ago, bought a house and love living here. They offered to show us around, so we went out to their place and the four of us spent the day driving around the countryside. From Portland, we headed east through the Columbia River Gorge.

We are family, August 2018

Multnomah Falls, August 2018

Multnomah is allegedly the “most visited natural recreation site in the Pacific Northwest”, according to the National Park Service. It certainly was busy enough on a Friday afternoon.

Bonneville Dam and salmon ladder, August 2018

From there we continued up the Gorge, stopping at another lesser waterfall, and then decided to see the Bonneville Dam. The Columbia River has massive and powerful water flow, and there at 14 dams on the main river itself, plus another 46 on its tributaries. This dam is not the largest by a long stretch, yet was impressive in its power. The salmon ladder was also interesting, although we didn’t see any salmon.

Kool kars, August 2018

Brilliant, August 2018

Our last stop for the day was the town of Hood River, cleverly located where the Hood River flows into the Columbia. We expected a cute little town, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a Street fair with a dozen or more classic cars from the WAAAM (1). There were a number from the 50s and 60s, which tickled my imagination and brought back memories of lusting after hot rods and muscle cars as a youth. Among them was a 1970 powder blue Oldsmobile 442 convertible, similar to one that Sally’s cousin drove. And a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, like the one I owned for about 9 months in 1969. This one was nice, mine (49 years ago!) was already a heap.

Hubba Hubba hula, August 2018

Several of us – including me – braved using hula hoops that were laying around. We wound up having dinner in a pub in town, and got home pretty late (for us).


(1) Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum, conveniently located in Hood River.

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