Saturday, August 4: The Oregon Coast – Where have I been?

So, this post – as the title suggests – was supposed to be up about four weeks ago, but I mysteriously disappeared from the interwebs.  No blogs, no Instagram, no Flickr, no nuttin’.  Those of you who should know, know why.  Those who don’t, shouldn’t.  But here’s what I would have said about our penultimate day in Oregon.


If you’re like me, you assumed that Portland – like Vancouver and Seattle – was a port (1) at the ocean, or nearby in a bay of some sort. And like me, you would be wrong. Portland is actually about 80 miles inland on the Williamette River where it flows into the Columbia River. It is a port, but only a river port.


View from Oswald State Park towards Manzanita, August, 2018

Since we had traveled east into the mountains yesterday, today we travelled west to the shore. Sally’s nephew took us on a grand tour, first taking some backroads (some on gravel) through the Tillamook State Forest out to Manzanita, and then along the coast to Tolovana.

Oswald SP Beach Rock, August 2018


Driftwood, Oswald SP, August 2018

Scenes from a wedding, Manzanita, August 2018

More driftwood, August 2018

Hollow tree, August 2018

And that’s the end of the tale of this trip.

(1) “Port”-land – get it?  It fooled me.

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