Saturday, May 24: Sunny Santa Fe

The weather on the trip has not been kind to us – cold and blustery, rain and snow. Until yesterday. And today is sunny, mid-70s and simply beautiful. We’ve been outside more or less since 11:00 this morning (1), save for time spent inside various shops and galleries.

Shopping on the sidewalk, May 2019

Because of the weather, and it being Memorial Day Weekend, downtown Santa Fe was hopping. In addition to the stores, there are entire blocks of sidewalk vendors selling jewelry and other handicrafts.

Which of these people are really having fun?, May 2019

One of my favorite things to do in places like this is people watch. There are no end to the situations you see, and to the stories you can make up about the people. All of the stories are wrong, of course, but it’s fun nonetheless. Riding around the city in that cramped sightseeing vehicle looks like torture to me, but that’s just one man’s opinion. A hug and a kiss, or riding the Harley on a sunny desert day could be fun.

Seen on the street, May 2019

There are also architectural details around and sculptures on the street that are a feast for the eyes.

Mmm good, May 2019

We went back to Canyon Road and visited a number of art galleries, but they frown upon taking pictures.

Seriously jacked up,May 2019

Later in the early evening I was walking by the Plaza and observed another highly customized car circling the area, time after time. Like the low-rider in the picture above, these are really sculptures and not suitable for serious use as vehicles due to their extreme modifications. But some of them are quite impressive.

(1) I was out before 10:00, and Sally joined me later.

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