Sunday, October 27: All revved up and some place to go

Tomorrow we’re off on our next journey, heading east to Bangkok and beyond. It’s about 8,667 (1) miles away and we stop in Dubai on the way.

Packing is always the same, and always different. You’re going to a different climate (or climates), you’re planning different activities, you’re using different modes of transportation.

This trip will have a warm 🥴 climate – the highs at our stops average from 75 to 90, while the overnight lows go from 61 to76. I always find it hard packing for a warm climate when it’s cool at home. And I expect we’ll have some rain along the way.

It’s a long trip, so we need to bring enough consumables (like meds and some toiletries) that we probably can’t acquire while traveling.

And finally, we’re taking a number of regional flights from city to city, and so we will be packing for air travel many times. Batteries, fragile items, meds, valuables, etc. need to be hand luggage. And some of the regional carriers have ridiculously restrictive carry-on limits (2).

All that said, we are pretty much packed for our morning departure. As usual, I’m taking one hard-sided suitcase as checked baggage, and carrying-on my camera bag. Fortunately the camera stuff itself isn’t that big, as all the other stuff needs to fit in it as well. My checked bag is only 36 lbs, and the backpack is 11 lbs. Both inside the limits we face on this trip.

The usual bags, October 2019

Anyway, I’m pretty excited and looking forward to seeing some new places. Should be interesting.

(1) The Earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles, so we’re going more than a third of the way around.

(2) Bangkok Air limits your one piece of cabin luggage to 5 kg or 11 lbs.

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